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Harry Potter and the Ultimate Reread: Update

It seems quite a few people are planning to join in the Harry Potter reread I proposed on this blog a couple of weeks ago. I had 226 new emails informing me of new followers on the @HPreread Twitter account today. (And since I’ve been typing this post, I’ve received five more. Wow!) I’m not completely sure how word is getting around, but I think it’s mostly through Tumblr. One rereader and Tumblr-er, Alijandra, even created a fantastic poster featuring the reread schedule.

This amount of participation is awesome! I hope everyone will have fun doing the reread, and I hope we’ll generate lots of discussion and Potter-related activity. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if I intend to set up any kind of HP reread forum or chat. The answer to that is: no, not really! I view this entire project as something readers can participate in however they choose. My role will be mostly to share information, which means tweeting the chapter title for each day and also providing links to any other content that shows up — that would include message board threads, open chats, blog and Tumblr posts, tweets … anything you want to do and share with others. I also encourage anyone with something to share to post to Twitter with the hashtag #hpreread so we can all follow along with the whole group.

I hope that all sounds good! Less than a week to go before we start reading. Personally, I can’t wait to get back to Hogwarts. 🙂

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