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Episode IV – A New Blog

I already have a blog, as you may know: Sens at Land’s End, dedicated to my beloved Ottawa Senators. I haven’t posted in it in a while, partly because I’m lazy, partly because I tweet a lot about hockey, partly because I’ve been busy, and I think also partly because I’m not in Vancouver anymore. One of the reasons I started that blog was that I had no one to share my Sens talk with out there, and now that I’m back in Ottawa I guess the need to vent about/celebrate the Sens in cyberspace is a little less pronounced.

But I still enjoy the creative outlet blogging provides. Now that I’m out of school and in the working world, though, I’m feeling a need for a different kind of outlet — perhaps a more scholarly one. (I’m still going to keep up with Sens at Land’s End, though: I won’t be hanging up my skates, so to speak.) That’s where this space comes in. It’ll be a place for me to post my thoughts mostly on TV, books, and movies. I’m interested in learning, thinking, watching, and reading more about several different areas, including science fiction and fantasy, Canadian literature, graphic novels and comics, film, literary theory, and the history of the book. These interests are mostly personal, but some are areas I’d like to explore on a more professional/academic or at least serious hobby level as well. My hope is to think, write, and analyze as I read and watch, to give myself some focus, and to have fun talking about all the TV shows, movies, and books I love.

I guess that’s a pretty vague description, but basically, that’s the sort of thing you should expect to find here.