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I started my first personal website a long time ago, probably in about 1998, purely because I wanted to try to teach myself HTML. I still enjoy playing around with web design and trying new things, and that is part of the reason this site exists. It's an outlet, a place for me to put my stuff and talk about things I like.

When this site opened, it made its home at Geocities, which was a great free web server considering what they used to give you for no money, but I eventually felt I had outgrown my space there. I also felt that it was time for me to try to do some more "high-tech" things with my sites: I wanted to try out PHP and working with MySQL, and these things are not supported most free servers. I investigated the possibility of buying my own domain and paid hosting and decided, after much extremely confusing investigation of various hosts, to buy paid web hosting. I purchased in January of 2004.

I became a little unhappy with my original host (shockingly no longer in business) so, in January 2005, I moved over to DreamHost for a change. Their service is a bit cheaper and they have a few extra things that my other host didn't. So far I'm very pleased with them, and would recommend them without hesitation.

The Name

The name Nothing But Memory comes from the song "Everything Must Go," by one of my favourite bands, the Manic Street Preachers:

I look to the future it makes me cry
But it seems too real to tell you why

Freed from the century
With nothing but memory, memory

And I just hope that you can forgive us
But everything must go

I like this turn of phrase. Everything is indeed memory. Once you've lived a moment, it becomes the past and all we have is the memory of it. Everything I'll put on this site is essentially a memory. You can interpret this in a somewhat negative way -- life is nothing but memory, that is, it's fragile and insubstantial -- or you can see it as a tribute to the power of memory: because all we have is memory, nothing is more important than our memories and preserving them. The rare books librarian/archivist/literature student in me likes the second interpretation very much. :)


I made this site using PhotoShop, Firefox (with much use of the Web Developer Add-on), and Komodo Edit. It has been tested in Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, and should look fine at most resolutions over 1024x768. The font in the header is Bell Gothic Std. Resources from others around the web:

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