Nothing But Memory

Fun with Stats!

Here are some amusing (to me) stats about my viewing and reading habits over the years! It is interesting to look back on all this and see the patterns. For example, I can look at the list of movies I watched in 2006 and remember that I tried to watch Kirsten Dunst's entire oeuvre at one point. I'm not a graphic designer and I don't have the skill to make this all terribly aesthetically pleasing, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway.

Movies Watched More Than Six Times Since 2006

The Avengers (13 viewings)
The Departed (10 viewings)
Dirty Dancing (8 viewings)
Spider-Man (8 viewings)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (7 viewings)
Iron Man (7 viewings)
Singin' in the Rain (7 viewings)
Spider-Man 2 (7 viewings)

I've also watched all these movies six times since 2006: Gangs of New York, Grease, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Serenity, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Velvet Goldmine.

Viewing By Decade

I have challenged myself to watch as many Best Picture Oscar nominees as I can, which obviously involves watching a lot of old movies. Given this, I thought it would be interesting to see whether my viewing skews in favour of older things. Here are the results, counting only unique titles (so my repeated viewings of The Departed, for example, don't count multiple times for the 2000s):


By the numbers: 2010s - 372 titles, 2000s - 291 titles, 1930s - 160 titles, 1940s - 114 titles, 1950s - 113 titles, 1990s - 83 titles, 1960s - 42 titles, 1970s - 40 titles, 1980s - 40 titles, 1920s - 22 titles, and 1910s - 2 titles.

Most Read Authors Since 2006

J.K. Rowling (47 reads)
Lemony Snicket (28 reads)
Agatha Christie (26 reads)
Bill Willingham (24 reads)
Paul Yee (14 reads)

I've also read each of these authors' work 10 or more times since 2006: Brian K. Vaughan (13 reads), Jeff Lemire (13 reads), Margaret Atwood (13 reads), Ian Rankin (11 reads), Robert Kirkman (10 reads), and Brian Michael Bendis (10 reads).

Reading By Century

When I was in university, I read a lot of older books. I actually enjoy classic literature, particularly British novels from the 19th century. But how much of that stuff do I really read nowadays? Let's see:


By the numbers: 2000s - 419 titles, 1900s - 186 titles, and 1800s - 13 titles.

Oldest Books Read

The following five books hold the distinction of being the oldest books I've read since I started tracking my reading:

1. Jane Austen: Persuasion (1818)
2. Julia Catherine Beckwith Hart: St. Ursula's Convent (1824)
3. Charles Dickens: The Pickwick Papers (1837)
4. Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (1843)
5. Charlotte Bronte: Shirley (1849)

Most Watched TV Shows

Since 2009, I've also been tracking my TV watching. Here are the my top five most-watched shows other than The Daily Show (which I took out because it was on four times per week and it didn't really seem fair to count it!) since 2009, ranked by number of episodes watched:

Survivor (578 episodes)
One Tree Hill (360 episodes)
The X-Files (294 episodes)
Mad Men (274 episodes)
Smallville (271 episodes)

In addition, I've watched 150 or more episodes of the following shows: The Good Wife (246 episodes), Friends (238 episodes), Gossip Girl (211 episodes), Pretty Little Liars (164 episodes), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (157 episodes), Lost (156 episodes), and Frasier (153 episodes).