Nothing But Memory

TV in 2019

This page tracks the TV shows I watched during the year, broken down by number of episodes watched and seasons marathoned, either for the first time or on a rewatch. It's a way of keeping track of my favourite shows, both new discoveries and old standbys, and monitoring the perhaps excessive amount of bingewatching I do.

Top Shows by Episodes Watched

Westworld (7 episodes)
Killing Eve (4 episodes)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (1 episodes)
The Good Place (1 episodes)

TV Seasons Marathoned

Who doesn't love picking up a new TV series, falling in love with it, and obsessively devouring the episodes over a matter of weeks until you run out and then you feel lost and start desperately looking for something else to fill the time with? I know I do. Thank you Netflix/iTunes/TV on DVD.

Westworld: Season 2
Westworld: Season 2
Watched via online streaming.
Started December 17, 2018. Finished January 9.