Nothing But Memory


I think I'm sort of abusing the term "self-tracking" here; many people use self-tracking to try to make actual improvements in their lives, while all I'm doing is trying to keep track of the movies I watch, books I read, and music I listen to. But I couldn't think of a better term, so I went with it. The concept of serious self-tracking is actually very interesting; it's not something I know a huge amount about, but you can read more in this piece from The Economist, or visit Quantified Self, and have a look at their resources page to see what kind of self-tracking apps are out there.

Here's my stuff:

Movies Watched - Every year, I challenge myself to watch at least 50 movies I haven't seen before. (I don't always succeed.) Here's what I've got so far for this year. I've been tracking since 2006, but only the last five years are viewable. Movies re-watched are also listed, because I like to be able to remind myself how many times I've watched The Avengers.

Books Read - Thanks to my self-tracking, I realized a number of years ago that my reading habits had gone way downhill. I have since managed to become a regular reader again! Yay! As above, I've been tracking my reading since 2006, but you can only view the last five years. You can also see which books I've reread (mostly, Harry Potter ... over and over).

TV Watched - I've been tracking my TV watching since 2009. Sometimes I like to revisit an old favourite show. Sometimes I go nuts and watch entire seasons of a new show over the weekend. All that viewing for the last five years is tracked here.